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It’s summer and it’s hot. Kids are out of school. Why not hit up a theme park or a water park?

Here at FreeThemePark.com we list many different offers and programs that feature free theme park tickets and/or theme park ticket discounts and coupons.

Whether you are heading to sunny Orlando, Florida to tackle Universal Studios – or to the complete opposite side of the country to Federal Way, Washington to tackle the Six Flags Wild Waves water park – we’ve got you covered for the best current ticket coupons and discounts available anywhere online!

You can spend a fortune taking your family to amusement parks these days. Especially after you factor in the cost of food. $6 for a hot dog?? Yikes!

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Six Flags Tickets

With so many top-notch rides and attractions to choose from you’ll have a hard time deciding just where to start, getting your hands on Six Flags tickets is definitely one of the smartest decisions you will ever make on your next getaway. From the high-flying 150-foot SkyScreamer to the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, Kingda Ka, scoring Six Flags tickets is definitely your chance to experience fun and excitement like never before minus the excessive rates.

Universal Studios Tickets

Still on the lookout for the finest rides and highlights that will surely impress even the most hardcore adrenaline junkie? Grab your very own Universal Studios tickets and you’re definitely good to go in a snap. Besides featuring Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride, highly regarded by avid thrill seekers as one of the hottest roller coasters in this day and age, snagging your Universal Studios tickets also gives you instant access to some of the most sought after attractions in the country. Make sure you buckle up tight!

Busch Gardens Tickets

If you’re looking to get in on the action on the most thrilling rides across the United States without emptying your bank account, then getting your hands on Busch Gardens tickets is absolutely what you need. With renowned bestsellers like SheiKra, Cheetah Hunt, Sand Serpent Serpent, Tanganyika Tidal Wave, Kumba and Congo River Rapids to delight young and old adventurers alike, grab your very own Busch Gardens tickets right now to discover why this top vacation destination still gathers more and more followers every single day.

Disneyland Tickets

Ever wondered where you can get the biggest thrills you’ve always wanted for less? Make sure you get access to Disneyland tickets right away to have the chance to take fun and excitement to a whole new higher level for less. From the breathtaking Indiana Jones Adventure to the unforgettable Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain, your idea of fun and adventure will surely be revolutionized further up a notch. Grab your Disneyland tickets immediately and find out why over 500 million visitors have made this popular getaway
their top choice.

Water Park Tickets

Getting access to a world of splashy fun and excitement is as easy as a touch of a button when you grab your Water Park tickets. Whether you’re on the hunt for heart-stopping slides, the most innovative lazy rivers or perhaps just chill out in the nicest spraygrounds ever made, all you have to do is browse our top-notch selection and you’re guaranteed to zero in on the best water parks across the United States. Make sure you get your very own Water Park tickets right away for a wet and wild adventure you’ll never forget without overspending a single dime!

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